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Krister Eriksson, the developer of Thermowheel Energy Recovery products, has always had a passion for products designed to last. Not only big, durable energy recovery wheels he creates, but also consumer products he purchases. “I want absolute quality, like my 1987 Jeep – that still runs strong,” says Krister. And indeed, the iconic Thermowheel brand products he introduced in 1985 have a similar reputation for rugged reliability.

Born Out Of The Failures Of Other Wheels

After emigrating to the U.S. from Sweden in 1976, Krister launched his career by servicing and repairing heat wheels that were prone to failure. Often he and his co-workers designed new, improved parts to fix these wheels. Soon, their accumulated knowledge allowed them to “reinvent the wheel” — Thermowheel — born in 1985. He founded Thermotech Enterprises, Inc., that year, in Pacifica, California, to manufacture the revolutionary new Energy Recovery Wheels.

Zero Failures – And The Rest Is History

Hundreds of Thermowheels, in both new installations and replacements, have been installed over the years – with NO failures – including the very first one in 1985! Today, Thermowheel is the industry standard for quality, energy savings,

and THERMOWHEEL … blows away everything else!

Click on the video below to hear from Krister Eriksson, the President of Thermotech Enterprises.

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